Glamorous Bianca’s hair and make-up

"Wedding make-up"

As a professional hair and make-up artist, the first thing I notice when meeting someone for the first time is their hair, eyes and face shape and what I can do to enhance their natural beauty. Bianca and I met at a party,  she is drop dead gorgeous girl. Soon after, we met up for some coffee and discussed her upcoming wedding. I was really excited for her big day and once the date was set and the trail date happened I could hardly contain myself.

Bianca is a raven haired beauty with crystal blue eyes and a killer smile. A while before the wedding I got a reference of what we could possibly do for her wedding and she loved it.

Bianca has one of those faces that a make-up artist you can get lost in. When you start working on her you can stop 5 minutes into the makeup application or work on her face for an hour and at any point she will look photo ready. She is really a muse. Bianca is a glamour girl  when you see her out,  her make-up and hair is always beautifully done.

She is possibly one of my most favourite brides up to date. Her wedding day was a dream come true for her and a very classy affair. Bianca radiated love, joy and a timeless classic beauty. When she glided down that isle at Memoire’s chapel in the forest everybody gasped at her beauty. She looked like an absolute dream….

"Hair and make-up"

"Professional stylist"

"Bridal Makeup"

Making wedding hair and make-up dreams come true

"Bridal make up"

Ada contacted me almost a year ago, referred by the renowned photographer, Lida de Beer to do her hair and makeup for her big day. From the word go Ada, a pharmacist, just knew she wanted to look her absolute best for her big day when she came for the trail and even treated her sweet mother to a trail too.

The trail when down without a hitch. Ada does not usually wear a lot of makeup but told me to go full out for her wedding. We first concealed under her eyes and the airbrushed on her foundation. I use TEMPTU silicone based foundation nr 4. I airbrush all my brides now because of the flawless finish and longevity you get from this high performance foundation. I mean, it lasts up to 24 hours and is waterproof !!

The finish was perfect and flawless. Ada has the most beautiful green eyes and I really wanted to make them pop with some of my favourite eye shadows from MAC COSMETICS. I am possibly MAC’s biggest fan. Ada has the longest lashes known to mankind and with a few sweeps of the mascara wand, she was transformed into a beautiful princess. It was then onto her hair, she wanted a very popular half up half down style and once I curled and pinned her hair, we decided that she needed more hair. Hairpieces can transform the dullest head of hair into a beautiful celebrity coif.

The wedding day arrived with great excitement for me. Ada was blessed with beautiful weather and two gorgeous bridesmaids. These girls were a treat and so nice to transform but oh dear, Ada was treated to a facial, a couple of days before the wedding and had a reaction!!! Her face was bright red from the product used and her and her mom’s concern naturally was that I would not be able to cover or hide the red. I assured her, very confidently that I can fix anything.

It all went down perfectly and Ada looked breath taking. What was really nice was her extreme eye for detail which was carried out with great perfection in every aspect of the wedding. When I saw Ada the following day she thanks me so much and said everybody commented on how perfect her skin looked!  A huge compliment.

I wish Ada and Johann all the best for the future!

"bridal make-up" "Bridal makeup"