"Professional makeup"

In today’s hustle and bustle one tend to forget to make time for yourself. There are meetings, deadlines, parties, your child’s school obligations, family and the list goes on.  Then you come to the shocking realization another year have passed.  One day, you look into the mirror and wonder where time have gone, more specifically, where have me time gone?

There’s a way to change all of that. A way to look at yourself as the sexy, desirable lady that you once were and still are.  It’s not a pill or a quick fix diet or even something as extreme as plastic surgery. It’s a glamour shoot with yourself as the star of the show! You will look at yourself with new eyes and walk away with self-confidence and a new appreciation for yourself.

I can already hear the nay sayers saying, “I don’t look good on photos” anyone can look good on a photograph, you just need a professional behind the makeup brush and the camera lens. I hear you say that you feel awkward in front of a camera and don’t know how to pose. Let me let you into a little secret, nobody does. Even models and stars get directed to bring their best features forward, to enhance their beauty.  It does not matter whether you are big or small, young or old, what matters is that you can feel good about yourself, you can feel alive and confident again and strut your stuff knowing that you still have it or realizing that you always had it but we helped you to rediscover it.

Anybody can be and should be the cover girl of their own life story! Take Sam, I have known Sam for many years. She is always the bell of the ball, the funny one, people crowd around her because she knows how to party and tell the best stories.  Sam is in her thirties and have recently lost a lot of weight. She is over the halfway mark and when I told her about the glamour shoot she was at first very keen but apprehensive, scared even and then all those questions came flooding in. I have nothing to wear, my roots are showing, what do I have to do? I set her mind at ease, this was an amazing opportunity for her to reward herself for how far she has come. It will also give her the motivation to complete what she started so that when she has reached her goal, we will do another shoot.

The glamour day arrived.  Sam being from Lebanese decent, has a fabulous head of hair and a great smile. I curled her hair with a medium barrel curling tong, pinning them into place after it was blow-dried.  I then did lots of contouring, required when one does a glamour shoot, to enhance all Sam’s beautiful features and also because of the use of only natural light. After a few licks of lipstick and a good shakeout of her curls, Sam changed into the wardrobe she brought and we accessorized her accordingly.

She was very nervous being in front of the camera. Lida de beer, one of my favourite photographers, made her feel at ease immediately, effortlessly, Sam started following Lida’s expert direction and when Lida showed her a couple of screenshots Sam was awestruck how beautiful she looked.

Days passed after the glamour shoot and Sam was anxious about the photos. I assured her that once Lida had them ready that I would send it to her immediately.  Well, I must say, even I was very surprised as to how beautiful, confidant and sexy Sam looked.

After Lida posted Sam’s pictures on Facebook the comments started flying, beautiful, sexy, glowing, ravishing, amazing just to mention a few!

Sam is a real cover girl! Everybody deserves to be one, why don’t you give it a try.

Photographer:  Lida de Beer


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